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Actress, Model, and Health and Wellness Enthusiast Amanda Cerny has over 45 million followers across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, earning the spot as one of the top five most viewed Instagram story accounts in the world!

With over 1.3 million new followers a month on Instagram alone, Amanda is a top content creator on a mission to help people feel their best through compelling storytelling and high-quality videos.

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UTU is a social platform built to BENEFIT members

UTU is for REAL people only

Traditional social media platforms were built to invade privacy and sell personal data. UTU gives the benefit back to members by rewarding their engagement.
We ensure BOT-FREE and real people only by utilizing Biometric Liveness & 3D Face Authentication. One account per person. We champion realness and trusted social ecology.

Simple & Secure

Build on EOSIO Blockchain

No private and public key management. No tech knowledge required. Anyone can send, receive and trade and it's all recorded on the EOSIO blockchain.  Secure and immutable.
No shady algorithms and misleading information. No manipulating news feeds driven by profit. EOSIO and smart contracts provide transparency and trust. UTU gives control back to users and the social community.


Democratized Autonomous Communities (DACs) built on Blockchain
Interact with Amanda Cerny and other thought-leaders and groups of interest!

Facial Recognition

Protect your account and your digital wallet, and never have to recall passwords or lengthy keys.

Tokenized Communities

Join a DAC and become a stake-holder in this exclusive micro-economy. 

NFT Marketplace

Buy Amanda Cerny's NFTs or create your own! AR wearables and digital artwork is just the start.

Digital Wallet

A secure wallet for all your tokens/NFTs. Complete tasks or buy tokens to acquire more. 

User Generated Content

Work with Amanda and other users to create new NFT projects and opportunity.

Tasks and Rewards

Complete daily tasks to help the community and receive tokens and additional benefits.


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The CERNY coin is Amanda Cerny's official token attributed to her DAC. This token is earned by liking her posts, submitting comments, and other simple social media activities.

It can be used to buy her NFTs from her marketplace, as well as convert to tokens of other DACs, or even into real money by withdrawing them from UTU (a feature that's coming soon).

Join Amanda's Private Community
on UTU ONE Today!

UTU is a social platform built to benefit members

Traditional social media platforms are built to invade privacy and sell personal data to profit the few.

UTU gives the benefit back to members by rewarding their attention.

NFT Market Place

UTU is proud to be the pioneer that experiments social media with self-owned NFT markets on the Internet. UTU is a trust-worthy platform for everyone to engage, participate and enjoy.
Celebrities can access and maintain a large fanbase, whereas fans can get closer to their idols by live communications. Everyone on UTU can create, browse and trade NFTs. We believe that the power of combining socials and NFTs will create new possibilities.


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Download the App

Visit the preferred third-party app store and download the UTU.ONE app to your mobile device.

Enter Your Code

Once downloaded, create your account and submit your SUPER CODE on the app.


Receive a FREE CERNY TOKEN and join Amanda's community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the UTU ONE APP and how it works.

What is a DAC?

DAC stands for “Decentralized Autonomous Community”. In simpler terms, a DAC is a social media page and/or profile with extra benefits, mainly the tokenized economy that such a page can possess. To get even more simple with this explanation, every time you like a post, comment on a page, or share content on a DAC, you get that DAC’s token, which you can use to unlock other in-app features, and even purchase NFTs! 

In a more detailed explanation, DACs are social media pages that carry their own token. These tokens create their own self-sufficient economy found strictly within each DAC. Other DACs cannot affect the token of any DAC. This is what makes them both decentralized and autonomous. They are also communities since these pages have fanbases that can grow and become more involved with the content being posted and shared, especially since members of these DACs earn tokens for taking part. These pages can be used to represent businesses, celebrities, entrepreneurs, personal hobbies, fanbases, and other communities. Members that join DACs will swap tokens or buy into these communities, so they will “own” a small percentage of that community’s worth. This means that you not only earn tokens for participating: it means that you are a shareholder of your favourite communities.

Why use Facial Recognition to log in?

One of UTU’s major goals is to eliminate bots (or artificial users that aren’t real people), multi-accounts, spam, and other toxic forms of social media practices. The first call to action to ensure complete transparency is to verify that every user is a real person. This means that you have your very own account, and every user only has one as well. Furthermore, you will use a face scan to sign in, which guarantees that no one else can sign in to your account, making your private information completely impossible to hack.

UTU doesn’t mine any data whatsoever, and your facial scan is not accessible by any staff member of UTU by any capacity. It is stored on the blockchain for your sign-in purposes, meaning that it can only ever be accessed by yourself. This way, we ensure that your information is always protected and untraceable, including the biometrics used for your facial scan.

What can I do with tokens?

Tokens will earn you access to additional features on UTU. These include the ability to join DACs, purchase NFTs, unlock bonus options on each DAC (coming soon!), and even cash out your earned tokens for cash (coming soon!).

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for “Non-Fungible Token”. To understand what this means, the concept of fungibility should be discerned first. Fungible means that something can be exchanged and understood mutually via currency or another commodity. For instance, a pack of playing cards can cost five US dollars. Non-fungible means that there isn’t a set price or value that can be placed in such a way, including the shifting values of a house, or of an artifact. A rare playing card over time can be bid on at an auction, where its value in that instance can be determined right there and then. See how that varies from the certain value of the very same pack of playing cards that initially housed this rare card?

Non-fungible Tokens are a recent digital movement where artworks, VR creations, and other computerized projects can be bought on the spot via digital currencies (including cryptocurrency). Their value is determined in that exact moment, but the value of the creation can shift over time, thanks to the typical exclusivity of these creations (they are sold in small numbers, to guarantee their rarity). At UTU, NFTs can be bought via the tokens you earn on the app (or by the use of a credit card attached to your account, should you prefer).

How do I buy more tokens?

At UTU, you can actually get tokens without having to spend a single cent! You can earn tokens by liking posts, commenting on a DAC, sharing content, or even simply visiting a DAC once a day. You can see what ways a DAC can reward your token by selecting the “Tasks” button on any DAC you are a part of. 

Additionally, you may wish to purchase more tokens. There will be an option to deposit money — which can be turned into tokens — in a future update of the app. More information on what that will entail will be provided when applicable.

UTU uses the main token titled UTUSD, which is what every DAC’s token will be compared to. When you deposit money, it will be converted to UTUSD first, before being converted into tokens of varying DACs. When you withdraw tokens into real money, they will also be converted to UTUSD first before being taken out of the app.

Are the tokens real money?

Yes. On the app, every token’s value in UTUSD will be shown at all times, as well as the fluctuations of each token. Tokens are placed into DACs via stakes, and their values will grow due to DAC participation and development.
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